Windows’ stronger compatibility allows Microsoft to expand its business more efficiently. PLTR stock does a similar ride. Initially, they created custom software for US government agencies, and after realizing that many data problems in all types of organizations were essentially the same, they were able to standardize the products. Ultimately, this standardization has brought great scalability to its business operations.

Its engineers are accustomed to overspending – the company sponsors a 13-course lunch with lobster and sashimi at its headquarters – calling the party Palantir syndrome. The company’s CEO Alex Karp added an unusual atmosphere. When he gets excited about an idea, such as current and former employees, he clenches his fist and slaps the employee in the solar cluster. PLTR and its software are installed with similar stories, can be installed on existing operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Unix and can be integrated with all types of Databases, even standalone systems, such as databases found also in Aircraft, space exploration, etc.

Gotham and Foundry: the two main pillars

Gotham and Foundry and all embedded programs are completely infrastructure-independent and can extract and process structured and unstructured data from any system in the organization. Palantir Technologies, Inc. – a holding company engaged in the development of data integration and software solutions. It applies to business and government departments. Another advantage of PLTR software is that it takes into account both non-technical users and technical users. Non-technical users love intuition, visual features, and easy navigation, and the software also provides employees with code to write new scripts and develop special applications.

Currently, PLTR is generally known as a data scientist, capable of extracting, unifying, and presenting all the data of an organization, no matter where it is located, but the goal is longer. Term management should become the central operating system of the entire department by default. It provides Palantir Gotham, a software platform for government agencies and defense agencies that allows users to identify hidden patterns in the depth of data collection, from intelligence sources to intelligence reports.

Confidential whistleblower and facilitates data transfer between analysts and operational staff. Users to help operators plan and implement specific responses to identified threats on the platform. However, Microsoft’s business model focuses on sustainability, product diversity, and corporate images on a consistent basis. That’s exactly the sections, according to me; PLTR is not comparable to Microsoft. That’s why, I believe, the stock cannot give you the type of return. However, in the future, it will be really exciting to see the future business model of PLTR. You can gain more information from



Can PLTR be Another Microsoft?