You also might want to consider crypto-mining stocks, such as SOS Ltd, when searching for publicity, though (NYSE:SOS at After all, the bigger the Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) cryptocurrency, more of the miners go. I will describe in this article why you should accept the stock of SOS.

SOS inventory has been running between $1.95 and $6.12, since Oct. 1. Though SOS has been back in the last few days with Bitcoin, higher rises could easily be seen. Really, think what will happen to SOS if CEO Michael Saylor is correct about Bitcoin worth $100 trillion one day.

As a reason for purchasing

SOS NYSE: SOS was targeted by Hindenburg Research’s short-sellers not long afterwards.Indeed, they tweeted on February 26, we are a short SOS dollar, which we believe is a manifest China shell game which revives the corpse of a Chinese-based old enterprise that previously imploded 90% of its power. We assume that SOS is $0 and has substantial risk in terms of legislation.

Cryptocurrencies of the future

In February, 5,000 Bitcoin/Ethereum mining plants (CCC:ETH-USD) were taken live by the venture. Then she received her first Bitcoin. Then another 5,000 mining plants were added by March. “The Company expects the combined fleet to be able to quantify on average 353 peta hazelnuts per second (PH/s) of mining Bitcoin, and 707 giga hazelnuts per second (GH/s) of the mining Ether along with its previous flotilla of 5,000 mining sites (ETH).

Even better, it expects 41 bitcoin and up to 909 etheric coins for the second year. In conjunction with the updating of its mining equipment and the strength of the cryptocurrency industry, in the short term, I would like to see SOS inventories closer to $15,88. The corporation plans to instal another load of mining plants in the future.

The SOS Stock Simple Truth

Miners such as SOS are likely to follow with cryptocurrencies predicted to rise higher. Really, that’s a strong storey. The now over-sold stock seems to have valued allegations of corruption entirely. It already has ten thousand mining plants in operation and expectations for a new set of plants in the near future. The first Bitcoin was also awarded.

Not everybody’s cryptocurrencies. But suggest mining stocks such as NYSE: SOS if you are also hunting for high visibility. As I said earlier, think about SOS if MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor is right that Bitcoin is worth $100 trillion a day. Take advantage of the weakness in SOS for buying. In the near term I want to see a previous record $15.88 SOS challenge. I would like to see it twice, if not triple, longer term, as Bitcoin pops. At the same time, you can find other stocks like nasdaq apre at for investing.

Utilizing SOS Stocks Disadvantage as Incentive for Purchase